torsdag 9 februari 2012

Dyrt original eller billigare äkta kopia?

Designers Revolt är ett företag som köper in kopior på designmöbler och säljer till en bråkdel av vad originalmöblerna kostar. Är det lagligt? Rätt eller fel? Döm själva, så här säger Designers revolt på sin engelskspråkiga hemsida:

What is the difference between your products and the originals?
The original designer furniture was produced around the time of design and they are now rare pieces which can be found in museums, etc. We claim that our furniture is as close to the designers original as the licensed copies, made by the high street producers possessing the copyright license.

Why are your prices so low compared to the originals?
The original idea behind copyrights was to give an artist or inventor protection from others using their work. However, when copyrights are made to last for a very long time and can be sold, then this creates a monopoly situation. Someone having a monopoly can set his own prices. No wonder prices are so high.

Is it legal for me to buy your products?
Yes, it is. Copyright protection on these products lasts 25 years in the U.K and has expired on all of our products. And since there is free movement of goods inside the European Union, everyone inside the EU (companies as well as private persons) can buy our products for private use.

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